Deprivations in the Health dimension together contribute 34.4% to multidimensional poverty in Nigeria

Health-related deprivations that the National MPI 2022 captures for each household include: severe food insecurity; undernutrition and access to healthcare.

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The 3 States with the highest rate of people who are multidimensionally poor and severely food insecure are

  • Bayelsa (81.1%)
  • Cross River (70.6%)
  • Taraba (66.9%)

Half of all Nigerians are affected by severe food insecurity

The Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES) used for the Nigeria MPI 2022 captures behaviour and experiences associated with increasing difficulties in accessing food due to resource constraints.

Additionally, a household is also considered deprived if a household member is undernourished.

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5 out of 10 Nigerians lack timely access to quality health care

A household is deprived of access to healthcare if it takes over 30 minutes to reach the nearest functional health facility on foot.

Time to healthcare is the deprivation that contributes most strongly to multidimensional poverty in Nigeria (12.6%). This is closely followed by food insecurity, which contributes 12.5%.

49.1% of all Nigerians are deprived of timely access to healthcare (38.7% are multidimensionally poor and deprived of timely access to healthcare).

Almost 3 in 10 (28.7%) of Nigerians are poor and have at least one undernourished household member

A household is considered deprived in nutrition if any household member is undernourished (i.e. stunted or underweight or low BMI).

More than 1 in 3 (34.9%) of Nigerians live in a household with at least one undernourished member.

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Contribution of each Health Indicator to National MPI 2022

The three deprivations in the health dimensions combined contribute more than a third to the overall multidimensional poverty.

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IndicatorsPercentage ContributionAbsolute Contribution
Food Insecurity
Time to Healthcare

Compare health indicators across different states, districts, areas and zones

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